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In March 2015, Chef Samuel Lee took over the kitchen as Executive Chef. Originally from Hong Kong, he joined Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts in Wenzhou, a city in the province of Zhejiang, in May 2013.

Samuel Lee discovered a love for cooking through his mother’s family. They introduced him to the subtleties of traditional Chinese cuisine, which is a subject he can happily talk about all day.

Chef Lee brings his ambition to Europe’s first Shang Palace, where, accompanied by Executive Chef Christophe Moret, he intends to bring further credit to this unique restaurant in the heart of Paris. Constructed to match the luxurious refinement of the dining room, where the decor and service seem to suspend time, the menu’s generosity embraces the Asian tradition of sharing dishes between guests.

Samuel Lee remains very proud of Chinese cuisine while absorbing new influences from Paris.

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"It’s very different working in Paris from Asia. In Paris, you feel a lot of competition and it’s a very inspiring environment. Each Chef has a cuisine philosophy. Now, I also think of cuisine as a philosophy. That is the biggest change since I arrived here. A total change of mentality." 

"I think of the ingredients from the start to when they end up on the table. I think about how ingredients are grown. And about presentation".

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